Certifications Offered

The International Fluid Power Society is the only organization that provides comprehensive technical certification offerings for all professionals in the fluid power and motion control industry.

IFPS certification tests provide an objective, third-party assessment of an individual’s skill level. IFPS certifications are portable and recognized industry-wide. Individuals who successfully master a level of competency are issued a credential signifying an elevated status in the workforce. In order to keep pace with changing fluid power and motion control technologies, IFPS certifications must be renewed every five years. Although formal training is not a requirement, IFPS offers various training options.

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Which IFPS Certification Test Should You Take?
If you are not sure which test to take, you can complete the Certification Placement Indicator. This questionnaire will help you assess your job responsibilities and choose the most applicable IFPS certification.

Fluid Power Connector & Conductor: fabricates, assembles, and tests hose and assemblies. The Connector & Conductor certification requires a three (3)-hour written and a three (3)-hour job performance (hands-on) test.

Fluid Power Certified Mechanic: fabricates, assembles, tests, maintains, and repairs systems and components. All Mechanic certifications require a three (3)-hour written and a three (3)-hour job performance (hands-on) test.

Fluid Power Certified Technician: troubleshoots, tests, and modifies systems; and prepares reports. All Technician certifications require a three (3)-hour written and a three (3)-hour job performance (hands-on) test.

Fluid Power Electronic Controls: Temporarily suspended.

Fluid Power Specialist: analyzes and designs systems, selects components, and instructs others in operations and maintenance. All Specialist certifications require a three (3)-hour written test.
Fluid Power System Designer: is an expanded credential focusing on advanced, system level hydraulic, pneumatic, and electronic controls expertise along with verifiable industry experience and is open to all qualifying individuals. 

Fluid Power Engineer: A certified fluid power professional engineer or degree equivalent (BS from ABET recognized university) may apply for this certification. Additional requirements must be met.

Accredited Instructor: certified professionals who have extensive background and instructional experience in the fluid power industry, they are accredited  to educate/train and prepare individuals for IFPS Certification

Authorized Job Performance Proctors: certified professionals who are accredited to proctor the job performance (hands-on) section of Mechanic and Technician level certification tests and/or Connector & Conductor certification tests.

Mechatronics: In development



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