Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic

Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic (MHM):

Fabricates, assembles, services, maintains, and tests mobile hydraulic equipment. The mechanic understands hydraulic symbols, reads system schematics, and is skilled in using hand tools, power tools, micrometers, and testing equipment. All Mechanic certifications require a three (3)-hour written and a three (3)-hour job performance (hands-on) test. If you’re interested in testing for the MHM certification, you must register for the test.



  • Read hydraulic symbols and circuit diagrams
  • Use dial calipers and micrometers
  • Know various tube fittings and select the proper replacement
  • Make up tube assemblies 
  • Know how to prevent and repair system leaks
  • Perform contamination control
  • Add fluid to system with filter cart   
  • Know how, when, and where to take fluid samples
  • Aid in system flushing and commissioning
  • Use “Target Cleanliness Chart” for each system
  • Check condition of hydraulic filters            
  • Check systems for water 
  • Make up a crimped hose assembly
  • Replace a hose assembly
  • Inspect hose applications for twist and minimum bend radius
  • Service and charge accumulators
  • Assist technicians in start-up and commissioning
  • Promote safe working conditions with pressurized systems

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