Industrial Hydraulic Technician

Industrial Hydraulic Technician:

Applies fluid power theory and related knowledge to test and troubleshoot operational industrial hydraulic systems and applications. Reads industrial application schematics, does basic cylinder & hydraulic motor calculations. An Industrial Hydraulic Technician is able to supervise system installations and commissioning. All Technician certifications require a three (3) hour written and a three (3) hour Job Performance (hands on) test. If you’re interested in testing for the IHT certification, you will need to register for the test.

  • Sets-up and tests systems and components under direction of engineering and scientific staff.
  • Recommends modifications to circuit & components to improve performance
  • Provides leak free piping.
  • Supervises system installation, flushing & commissioning.
  • Knows how, where and when to take fluid samples and read lab reports.
  • Can establish ISO cleanliness level for a system.
  • Can devise the Target Cleanliness Chart to aid diagnostics.
  • Understands sequence & counterbalance circuits and associated valving.
  • Sets pump load sensing and compensator controls.
  • Understands hydrostatic drives.
  • Understands basic electrical controls and their application.
  • Understands ladder logic.
  • Reads electronic circuits.
  • Calculates decompression volume.
  • Does trouble shooting and supervises required replacements, repair or adjustment.

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