Pneumatic Specialist

Pneumatic Specialist:
For those designing systems and writing specifications, including sizing and selecting pneumatic components for mobile and industrial operating machinery. They provide pneumatic systems with schematics using standard fluid power symbols. Systems are designed to fluid power essential practices supported by National and International Standards. The Pneumatic certification requires a three (3) hour written test. If you’re interested in testing for the PS certification, you will need to register by submitting a test application.


  • Load and Motion Analysis. Solving formulas for torque, speed and horsepower for cylinder & air motor driven systems.
  • Solves for the reaction forces on a cylinder rod bearing.
  • Computes cylinder bore and pressure to move loads with a friction factor.
  • Solves for the pressure and suction area to provide the required lifting force using vacuum cups.
  • Understands Vacuum generators.
  • Provides ISO cleanliness level for system(s)
  • Specifies filtration products to maintain ISO cleanliness.
  • Specifies flushing and commissioning procedures.
  • Calculates air cylinder velocity.
  • Selects and sizes conductors based on pressure and flow requirements.
  • Computes the necessary CFM airflow and pressure to power a cylinder.
  • Computes the necessary CFM airflow and pressure to power an air motor.
  • Can calculate and select the proper air over oil intensifier.
  • Calculate the kinetic energy required to stop a load with a shock absorber.
  • Calculate the Cv flow factor for an air valve.
  • Understands critical (sonic) velocity and how to calculate it.
  • Calculate the required compressor delivery capacity for system demand
  • Understands ladder logic.
  • Uses Ohm’s law and Kirchhoff’s law to solve series-parallel circuits for voltage, current, and resistance.
  • Matches appropriate wiring arrangements between PLC’s and directional control valves.
  • Can do system trouble shooting.
  • Able to do compressed air audits.
  • Promotes safe working conditions with pressurized systems.

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