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January 2012

Chapter 49/50 Meeting


Thursday, January 26th, 2012

6:30 pm at E-One

2929 SW 57th Avenue

Ocala, FL 34474


Committee Members:

  • Chapter President - Scott Gower
  • Vice President - Season Kenny - Comstock
  • Treasurer - Ryan Remmers
  • Secretary - Gwyn O'Kane
  • Training - Greg George
  • Membership Liaison - Jamie Vokes

Last Meeting Held:  Thursday, May 19th, 2011


Meeting Focus: For fluid power professionals, to gather, network, swap experiences, as well as listen to guest speakers who share new technologies in the industry or reinforce our existing knowledge.


1. Host Reception - Food, refreshments and tour.


2. President Opening Comments and Previous Business

  • OakridgeHigh School Training
  • FIRST / VEX sponsorship

3. Financial Update - Ryan Remmers


4. Training - Greg George Up-date

      Gwyn O'Kane JP Test Kit presentation

5. Membership and The Florida 49er - Jamie Vokes


6. Other Business

IFPS C and C review meeting - Mike Metcalf

      Committee Elections - Scott Gower


All chapter members attending should RSVP Scott Gower at sgower@gulfcontrols.com if you have not already do so   


Next meeting scheduled:TBD



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Thursday, January 26th 

6:30 pm E-One in Ocala  


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 Submitted by Jamie Vokes, Membership Liason IFPS Chapter 49.


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