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February 2011

Chapter News   


On the evening of January 20th, over 40 Central Florida Chapter members met at the back stage parking lot of Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Chapter 49 meets every other month and once a year we are treated to a behind the scenes tour of one theme park attraction. This year it was DINOSAUR hosted by Disney's Senior Ride and Show Engineer, Greg George.


First, we went into the vehicle maintenance shop where all 20 of the vehicles, valued at over one million dollars each, had returned from their days work on the ride. Yes, the park was closed. Maintenance Cast Members were tending to the service requirements while Greg explained all the workings of the vehicles that apparently operate autonomously, make their own way around the track and know exactly where they are in relation to the ride and each other as they pass through the attraction. Yes, Greg spoke like they were alive!


Next we went into the hydraulics room that drives all the rest of the attraction. Needless to say there was a massive hydraulic reservoir, eight very large power units (6 operating during the day and 2 at night) and plenty of other hydraulic components to be seen.


Finally, we walked the attraction where Greg introduced us to each Dinosaur by name and showed us how each operated.  Again, Greg spoke about each animated Cast Member like they were a colleague on the payroll at Disney.


The IFPS local Chapter Meetings are a great way to network with other professionals within the fluid power industry. For the local chapter it has meant an introduction to customers, a chance to build relationships with experts who have been able to assist with fluid power solutions, the ability to provide Connector and Conductor Training and much more. If you are interested in learning more about the IFPS and these regional meetings, please visit www.ifps.org  and click on Membership then Chapters.


Committee Elections


Before the guided tour started the annual elections were held to elect/ re-elect the committee members.


The committee for 2011 will be.


Chapter President - Scott Gower

Vice President- Season Kenny-Comstock

Treasurer- Ryan Remmers.

Secretary- Gwyn O'Kane

Training- Greg George

Membership Liaison Jamie Vokes.


Dates to Remember


IFPS regional meetings February 23rd-26th at Embassy Suites Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, FL 


First team competition at UCF's basketball arena on March 10th-12th. Event is free to the general public. Parking located in Garage D on campus. 



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Thursday, March 17th

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Thursday, May 19th

6:30 pm in Orlando
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Written by Jamie Vokes, Director of Franchise Support at PIRTEK USA.


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