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March 2011

Chapter News   


During the last week of February the International Fluid Power Society held its Spring meeting at the Embassy Suites, Lake Buena Vista. Several local chapter members attended the meetings, as well as the welcome reception Wednesday evening. The meetings was held over four days from Wednesday, February 23rd to Friday, February 25th with an additional day for an open test event offering different certifications and job performance tests.


The meetings covered topics such as marketing, chapters and memberships, education and certification, in addition to an overall strateging planning session. All of which was dedicated to further the education of the motion control industry.


Attendees came from all over the country to participate in the meetings and were able to meet with local chapter members at the welcome reception. This provided a great opportunity to make suggestions and obtain feedback on how to further promote and advance the local Chapter 49 from the decision makers of the IFPS.


For futher information on upcoming events and training webinars follow the link to the IFPS website on the right hand side of this newsletter.



Upcoming Events 


FIRST Competition Comes To UCF


The Florida regional FIRST robotics competition will be held from March 10th-12th at Florida's UCF. The teams sponsored by the local chapter will be competing in the event along with other teams from Central Florida. Heats will be held between 8.00 a.m. and 12.00 noon on Saturday the 12th. It can be a great morning out for the entire family, plus admission into the event is free. If you decide to go, look for and join in with the cheering sections of one of the teams. Team Banana and Expolding Bacon will have easy to find, loud, and energetic fans, and they both receive sponsorship money from the local chapter. Tell any of the teams we sponsor that you are from the local chapter of the Fluid Power Society, and they will invite you to sit with their group.  They will also make sure you ask for a "tour of the pit" where the vehicles are rebuilt and repaired. For the younger generation teams will have pins and some other give aways to collect or swop.


After the competition there are a number of good local restaurants to get a light snack or lunch.


For further information on the Florida competition and agenda at UCF please go to http://www.floridafirstregional.com/?-session=myarea:C77D6405057ef1B3ABppQ2CCF47C



Next Meeting 


Thursday, March 17, 2011 at 6.30 p.m.



501 Haverty Court

Rockledge, FL 32955 


At this meeting there will be a live demonstration of how additives to oil can extend the life of engines and hydraulic circuits.


Sandwiches and sodas will be provided.


Hope you can make it! 




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Written by Jamie Vokes, Director of Franchise Support at PIRTEK USA.


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