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 June 14, 2013  


Planned Meeting


Thursday, July 18 

6:30 P.M. 


Rockledge, FL 


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Welcome to the Summer and we would like to thank everyone who attended our May chapter meeting. It was a very productive meeting. We set Chapter goals for the year and discussed the best way to achieve those goals. The first goal is to format our meetings using a parliamentary process to adhere to a strict agenda. This will allow the meetings to move forward in a more efficient and productive manner.


The main goal of the Chapter is to get the word out to interested candidates about the IFPS Certification review and exam scheduled for September. This is possible with the assistance of each Chapter member. Our board members will be distributing flyers highlighting the program and its advantages. In addition, a future email of that flyer will be send out. The IFPS Certification courses are a great benefit for continued education for your employees. It will also provide a nationally recognized certification that can separate and put your business a step ahead of your non-certified competitors.


Our next meeting will be held at PIRTEK USA in Rockledge on July 18th. This meeting will include a tour of the LRM Industries facility. If you would like to view there website visit


Thank you to Gwyn O'Kane and Jamie Vokes for volunteering their time and workspace for this meeting. It will be very interesting to see the hose and fitting industry behind the scenes.



Local Robotics Goes International


The Chapter wishes "Good Luck" to a few local college students who are representing Central Florida as members of the North American Robotics Team (NAR). Mehdi Maichouf of UCF and Andrew Remmers of Valencia College joined students from across the United States and Canada to begin a robotics team that competed in the 2012-2013 VEX Robotics World Championship. This is the first time these two Super Powers have joined sides to compete in an international competition. This powerful combination of intellect began as a friendly exchange of ideas. The NAR grew into an impressive team that created a Robot which took Second place at the World Championship in Anaheim, California. The NAR is looking forward to expanding their team to further their success by taking first place in the 2013-2014 VEX Robotics World Championship.


For more information on the team and the program please visit their websites:


VEX Robotics


North American Robotics VEX Forum


North American Robotics Facebook 


Thank you all for your continued membership and we look forward to seeing you at the next meeting in July.


Upcoming Events

The next chapter meeting is at 6:30 p.m. July 18th at the PIRTEK USA, 501 Haverty Court, Rockledge, FL 32955.  



IFPS Job Performance Review Course and Test for the Mechanic and Technician Levels 


The Chapter is offering a review course and exam on September 12-14, 2013 from 8:30am - 5:30pm at the 4H Building, Orange County Extension Services. Once again the course will be tutored and the exam proctored by Greg George, IFPS Accredited Instructor and Certified Proctor.

Please note that this JP test is the basis for six (6) certifications including MHM, IHM, PM, MHT, IHT and PT. Each of the required written exams can be conducted separately at any of the IFPS Certification Testing Locations advertised on the website.  

The JP Review Course covers subjects including:

  • Fluid Power Symbology
  • Fasteners and Fittings
  • Use of a Multimeter
  • Measuring Pump and Piston Spools
  • Fluid Conductors
  • Tube Bending and Flaring

Applicants may elect to participate solely in the two day Review Course and not sit the IFPS JP Test. At the completion of the 2-day Course applicant will receive an "Achievement" Award to share with their employer and add to their resume.


Dates:  Review Course September 12-13 & Test September 14th. 

Location: 4H Building, Orange County Extension Services, 6021 S. Conway Rd, Orlando, FL 32812.

For further information on these classes and exams please contact Gwyn O'Kane at or 321.504.4422.

Job Performance Review Application

IFPS Connector & Conductor Review Course and Test 


PIRTEK USA is pleased to host the Connector & Conductor Certification to the members of Chapter 49 & 50. In addition, PIRTEK USA's Training Manager & IFPS Proctor, Mike Metcalf will host a two day review course prior to the exam.

Dates: November 5-7, 2013

January 14-16, 2014 

PIRTEK USA, 501 Haverty Court, Rockledge, Fl 32955

For details and to sign up, please contact Mike Metcalf at 321.508.7496 or 


Connector & Conductor Review Course Sign Up Form 


Submitted by Dan Franks, Membership Liason IFPS Chapter 49.

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