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August, 2010

Chapter News

On Thursday July 15th Scott Gower and Greg George carried out this chapter's first webinar. The webinar outlined the advantages of becoming certified, how you can become more valuable to your employer as well as the personal pride and achievement of measuring yourself against other industry professionals.


Greg George

Greg George

Greg George gave an overview of the different types of courses available for electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics. He also highlighted the benefits of enrolling on review courses to study for the different certifications. In central Florida Greg is deeply involved in the training at these review courses and is willing to organize them locally based on demand. Anyone who has attended a course run by Greg understands the great level of expertise     

                                 he has and his unique ability to teach 

                                 and train his students.



Scott Gower

Scott Gower

Scott Gower informed the attendees of other aspects of being involved with the IFPS. This included attending local chapter meetings, volunteering to become a chapter committee member and how to assist in creating awareness and educating fluid power in schools and colleges. Currently, there are very few colleges which offer these kinds of programs to students. The local chapter is also involved with sponsoring FIRST robotics teams and attends local competitions to further assist the growth of knowledge in the motion control industry to the younger generation.







More than 100 teams competed in the "Hot Shot" FIRST Tech Challenge, in which teams' robots earned points by collecting and firing balls into their designated goals.  The FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship Inspire Award, recognizing excellence in robot design and teamwork, went to Team 25 "Rock 'n Roll Robots", from Arcadia, Calif.  The FIRST Tech Challenge Winning Alliance was Team 2868 (Captain) "Smoke and Mirrors" from Lakeland, Fla.; Team 2843 "Under the Son" from Hollywood, Md.; and Team 3864 "GForce" from Aiken, S.C.



Next Meeting

The next chapter meeting is scheduled to be held on Thursday 16th of September at Sun Hydraulics in Sarasota from 6:30 pm to 8.30 pm.


Sun Hydraulics has several facilities in Sarasota and it is very important to make sure that you go to the correct location.


The meeting will be held at:


The Tallevast Training Building

701 Tallevast Road

Sarasota FL 34342

Tel: (941) 362-1300




6:30-6:50        Introduction & light refreshments

6:50-7:20        Heat treat presentation

7:20-8:00        Tour heat treat

                        Tour cell automation

Tour manifold manufacturing

8:00-8:30        Questions, Chapter discussion & close


Behind the Scenes Tour of a Disney Attraction

Since the newsletter is new this year, and not everyone has received every edition, please do still come to our November meeting.  It will be at Disney's Dinosaur attraction.  Greg George will host a tour on the third Thursday of November.  Details to follow.




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Written by Jamie Vokes, Director of Franchise Support at PIRTEK USA.

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