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August 2012

Chapter News

On Thursday, July 19th the IFPS National Headquarters hosted an informative webinar dedicated to the advantages of chapter membership and the different certifications available through the IFPS. Scott Gower, Chapter 49 President, and Gwyn O'Kane, Secretary, contributed to the webinar giving an overview of what we have achieved locally, some of the places we have been able to visit and some of the review courses and certifications the local chapter offers.

Richard Bullers, the national co-coordinator and contact for IFPS Chapters, provided the details and the tools needed when a group of individuals or company consider starting a new chapter.

If you are interested in starting your own chapter please contact Richard Bullers rbullers@smcusa.com.

Upcoming Events 


JBT AeroTech of Orlando has confirmed their kind offer to host our next chapter meeting scheduled for 6:30 pm on Thursday, September 20th. JBT AeroTech is located at 7300 Presidents Dr., Orlando, FL 32809. 


We are expecting a lot of members to attend this meeting and participate in the exciting tour of their impressive facility in Orlando. To facilitate safety requirements and a meeting place we will need to know in advance the number of people who plan to attend this very special event.


If you are planning to attend please send an e-mail confirmation to florida49er@ifps.org


We all want to express our thanks to JBT AeroTech for being the next meeting hosts and especially the work of Ralph Mastroianni for helping making this possible.




One of the primary missions of the IFPS is to facilitate and promote the advancement of technology and professionalism of the fluid power & motion control industry through Awareness, Education and Certification.  


Job Performance for Mechanic & Technician 

The Chapter will be offering a further review course from October 18th-20th 2012 at the 4H Building, Orange County Extension Services, 6021 S. Conway Rd, Orlando, FL 32812. Once again the course will be tutored and the exam proctored by Greg George.     


Please note that this JP test is the basis for six (6) certifications including MHM, IHM, PM, MHT, IHT and PT. Each of the required written exams can be conducted separately at any of the IFPS Certification Testing Locations advertised on the ifps.org website.


For further information on these classes and exams please contact Chapter 49 at florida49er@ifps.org 

Hydraulic Specialist
The Chapter is working towards putting together a Review Course for the Hydraulic Specialist Certification. This course date will not be scheduled until we have enough interest from members to host this program.

If you think you may be interested in this level of certification, then I would strongly recommend you attend our next Chapter meeting at JBT AeroTech or contact Gwyn O'Kane at gokane@pirtekusa.com  


Connector & Conductor 

PIRTEK USA is pleased to host the Connector & Conductor Certification to the members of Chapter 49 & 50. In addition, PIRTEK USA's Training Manager & IFPS Proctor, Mike Metcalf will host a study session the day before the exam.



Oct. 24th & 25th, 2012 Review & Exam 


501 Haverty Court, Rockledge, Fl 32955  

For details and to sign up, please contact Mike Metcalf at 321.508.7496 or mmetcalf@pirtekusa.com    


Safety Tip


OSHA requires that you know what kind(s) of fire extinguisher you need, where to place them and how to maintain them. Your employees must know how to P-A-S-S for you to avoid fire extinguisher use violations. OSHA fines are minimal however compared to losing your business to fire damage because of out of date extinguishers and lack of training on their proper use.   


All fire extinguishers have to be operated in four or less steps. To use any fire extinguisher, you have to remember the four letter word PASS. P-A-S-S. To operate a fire extinguisher, the first step into using it is to Pull the pin. All fire extinguishers have a locking pin in the carrying handle mechanism. Once you remove the pin, then you can Aim the fire extinguisher at the base of the fire; Squeeze the handle, which will release the extinguishing agent; and then remember to Sweep the extinguishing agent from side to side, beginning at the closest edge of the fire to you, and away.

Planned Meetings

Thursday, September 20th

JBT AeroTech of Orlando

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