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 September 11, 2012 

Planned Meeting

Thursday, Sept. 20th
JBT AeroTech of Orlando 

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After the summer recess we are all looking forward to our chapter meeting next week at JBT AeroTech headquarters located at 7300 Presidents Dr., Orlando, Florida. We have already had a great response from members to attend this meeting and tour. If you still wish to attend but have not signed up, please send an email to by Thursday, September 13, 2012  so we can get an accurate number to JBT by the end of this week.


If you have already sent an email to confirm your attendance your name has been placed on the list which will be finalized later this week. You should then receive a confirmation email this Friday after the deadline has closed, giving the meeting details and agenda. 


John Bean Technologies Corporation (JBT) is a leading global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food processing and air transportation industries. They design, manufacture, test and service technologically sophisticated systems and products for customers through JBT FoodTech and JBT AeroTech segments.


We all want to express our thanks to JBT AeroTech for being our hosts next week and especially the work of Ralph Mastroianni for helping to make this possible.

Upcoming Events


The next chapter meeting is scheduled for 6:30 pm on Thursday, September 20th. 2012


JBT AeroTech is located at 7300 Presidents Dr., Orlando, FL 32809.

Safety Tip

Your M.S.D.S. book or Material Safety Data Sheets are a very important tool in the event someone in your building is "medically affected" by any chemical or gases being stored there. In the event that someone is negatively affected, the data sheet has all the information needed to address the situation properly. In the event of an O.S.H.A. inspection, every chemical in your building should have a data sheet in your book. Every thing that could be inhaled or ingested, every fluid, soap, bug spray, oil, paint, etc. will have an M.S.D.S. available on the web. It only takes a few moments to walk around the shop and make a list of all the items that could pose a threat. Then type the product's brand name in a Google search bar followed by M.S.D.S. (example.. P-80 msds) and it will almost always come right up!



The deadline to participate in the Job Performance exam for the Mechanic and Technician levels is approaching.

All applications are due to the IFPS no later than September 19th.

A 2-day review course will be conducted by Greg George. Those who participate in this course will receive an Achievement Award and the ability to sit the exam on October 20th.

The deadline to participate in the Connector & Conductor Certification in October is also approaching.

Test applications are due to the IFPS no later than September 24th.

Job Performance for Mechanic & Technician
The Chapter will be offering a review course and exam from October 18th-20th, 2012 at the 4H Building, Orange County Extension Services, 6021 S. Conway Rd, Orlando, FL 32812. Once again the course will be tutored and the exam proctored by Greg George.

Please note that this JP test is the basis for six (6) certifications including MHM, IHM, PM, MHT, IHT and PT. Each of the required written exams can be conducted separately at any of the IFPS Certification Testing Locations advertised on the website.

For further information on these classes and exams please contact Chapter 49 at

Connector & Conductor PIRTEK USA is pleased to host the Connector & Conductor Certification to the members of Chapter 49 & 50. In addition, PIRTEK USA's Training Manager & IFPS Proctor, Mike Metcalf will host a study session the day before the exam.

Oct. 24th & 25th, 2012 Review & Exam

501 Haverty Court, Rockledge, Fl 32955

For details and to sign up, please contact Mike Metcalf at 321.508.7496 or

Submitted by Jamie Vokes, Membership Liason IFPS Chapter 49.

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