Corporate Package

A Corporate Package is designed for companies committed to certifying, recertifying, and obtaining individual memberships for employees. Download application only.   Download full brochure (including application)
Here’s how it works:
  1. Submit Corporate Package Application with payment.
  2. You will receive vouchers* in the mail that will be honored for one (1) year.
  3. Simply attach a voucher to any membership application, certification test application or recertification application and mail to IFPS Headquarters.
*A note about vouchers:
  • All vouchers are valid for one (1) year from the date the corporate package is activated.
  • A company representative has one (1) year in which to assign and submit a voucher for an individual.
  • Once a certification voucher is assigned to an individual, and a certification test application is submitted, that assigned individual has three (3) years in which to take a certification test.
  • Assigned vouchers are non-transferable.
Bronze$2,750 and includes 10 membership vouchers* and
10 certification or 30 recertification vouchers**
Silver $5,500 and includes 20 membership vouchers* and
20 certification or 60 recertification vouchers**
Gold $8,250 and includes 30 membership vouchers* and
30 certification or 90 recertification vouchers**
$11,000 and includes 40 membership vouchers* and
40 certification or 120 recertification vouchers**

*A membership voucher is valid for a one-year professional membership and may be used for new memberships or membership renewals.

**A certification / recertification voucher is valid for one Specialist level certification test OR one Mechanic/Technician level certification test (includes both the written and job performance tests.) Individuals taking the certification test or recertifying must hold an IFPS Membership.

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Hydraulic Safety Awareness Safety Training
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