Fluid Power Essential Practices

Fluid Power Essential Practices

Listed below are the chapters and a “brief sample” of subchapters:

1. Contamination Control: Manufacturer cleanliness level for components, environmental factors, selecting recommended filter rating, ISO code chart, sample analysis chart, sampling valve and bottle, fluid sample, where to take a sample and how, and selecting and determining location of filters.

2. Piping: Fittings and tubing selection, fitting assembly instruction to ensure a leak-proof seal, flange code 61 & 62, laminar flow, SAE burst equation and tubing tensile strength, tubing support guide, and best practices for hose installation.

3. Hydraulic Power Units: Styles of reservoirs, on top, L-shaped, overhead and submerged, heat exchangers, reservoir heat dissipation, breathers, emersion heaters, calculation of horsepower and system heat generation, and integrated hydraulic circuits.

4. System Flushing: Why flush? A guide to proper flushing procedures, steel tubing flush, after-commissioning flush, typical auxiliary flushing pump circuit, and loop (series circuit) flushing circuit.

5. Hydraulic Fluids: A primer on the importance of selecting the proper viscosity and considerations, familiarization with biodegradable, polyglycol synthetic ester, water glycol, polyglycol fluids, etc.

6. Pneumatics: Selecting a compressor, selecting air cleanliness level per ISO 8573-1, selection and application of air coolers, desiccant, membrane and refrigerated dryers, air line distribution, piping selection, and safety considerations.

7. Cylinders and Accumulators: Cylinder selection considerations, load dynamics, mounting-style considerations, selecting rod diameter and stop tube, common uses and types of accumulators, sizing for application, and safety concerns.

8. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment Seals: typical seal locations, sealing groove considerations, cylinder bore and groove tolerances, seal failures, and gaskets- potential pump and motor leakage.

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