Guidelines: Submitting a Test Question For Recertification PDP

1.  Create a multiple choice question testing the knowledge for the appropriate certification.

2.  A copy-written industry reference is required for all questions.

3.  Classify the question according to the exact domain/subject matter being tested. i.e. Pneumatic Specialist: Load & Motor Analysis. A list of subject matter outlines can be found at the bottom of each certification page on the IFPS Web site.

4.  There should be five (5) possible answers but only one (1) correct answer.
Answers should:
a.  Fit logically and grammatically with the question.
b.  Be parallel and structurally similar to each other.
c.  NOT contain “all of the above” and/or “none of the above”.
d.  ONLY contain one correct answer.
5.  Common errors and industry misconceptions are the best incorrect answers.

6.  Do not try to trick the test candidate; test their knowledge.

7.  Attach any appropriate schematic or graphic required for the question.

8.  You will receive five (5) PDP for each question submitted for a maximum of 15 units.

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