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         "Georgia Power Company has been offering Fluid Power Certification class for our mechanics since 1999. Mechanics who have obtained Fluid Power Certification are more proficient in understanding complex hydraulic systems. This is due to the Certification teaching our mechanics the fundamentals in hydraulic systems, components and schematics. As a result, we have seen improved troubleshooting skills as it relates to hydraulic systems on our fleet vehicles. Furthermore, we use obtaining a Fluid Power Certification as a prerequisite for further advancement to some work groups in our Fleet."
Alex Hampshire, Fleet Operations Training Supervisor - Georgia Power Co.
       "Back in the early 1990’s, we noticed our mechanic’s skill set was far from what we needed with regards to hydraulic training. We investigated our options to train our employees and measure their skill level. We needed “that piece of paper” validating their knowledge level. IFPS certifications do that. Our guys are better overall; they are truly well rounded technicians from a practical and safety standpoint. I see IFPS certifications as being vital to the success of our maintenance department. It is exactly what we need.”
Audie Holmes, CFPMHT - El Paso Electric
      “I've used the knowledge gained through IFPS Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic certification on several mobile aerial device and derrick projects.  I reference passages from the IFPS manuals, especially for people who haven't taken the class yet, on a fairly regular basis.  I think that it really helped jump start the learning curve associated with hydraulic work, and I do recommend it to fluid power professionals I meet.”
Paul Zinnel,  CFPHS, CFPMHT, CFPMHM - Altec Industries, Inc.
“My IFPS certification got me every job I ever applied for. That certification no doubt always put my resume on the top of the resume stack.”
M. Eisinger, CFPS
      “My C&C certification was an employer requirement. But I have since achieved the Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic certification on my own to better assist our service centers and technicians. I plan on testing for Industrial Hydraulic Mechanic, as well as, the Pneumatic Specialist. IFPS certifications are proof of knowledge and verify skill level. If you are in the fluid power industry, you should be certified.”
Michael Johnson, CFPCC, CFPMHM - Pirtek
      “Ameren finds value in the IFPS hydraulic certification program. Having a nationally recognized certification for our mechanics is important to us. Of all the training courses we offer through third party vendors, the hydraulic classes are some of the best and most rigorous. We know a well-trained, certified technician results in better retention, improved safety, lower costs and lower vehicle downtime.”
Dan Remmert,  Manager Fleet Services - Ameren Illinois
      “Achieving the IFPS Certification helped me realize that my work isn't just a job; it's truly a profession that needs the services of people that really understand hydraulic and pneumatic systems in addition to the business side of things. The IFPS Certifications have been the building blocks I have used to climb the ladders in the various positions I've held. I always encourage, and even sometimes require, that they join IFPS and take various certification tests. As a Manager, this allows a 'scoring' of the team members' abilities as well as giving each certification recipient the same base to build from that benefited me all these years. My preference has been that all of our salespeople attain IFPS certifications!"
David H. Knight, CFPS - Parker Hannifin
      "We highly value having our mechanics IFPS certified. It provides Avista a substantial cost savings to maintain our equipment in-house. The MHM (mobile hydraulic mechanic) certification provides us the level of confidence we need in order to not be reliant on outsourced repairs. Our certified mechanics are significantly more capable and better trouble shooters – getting things done correctly, the first time.”
Greg Loew, Fleet Manager - Avista

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