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Search for a TEST CENTER NEAR YOU (scroll down). If you know of a test center that is open but not listed, please contact Kyle Pollander at kpollander@ifps.org. We will make every effort to schedule your test at that location. Since state-to-state COVID-19 guidelines vary, if a test location near you is currently open, please contact us at 856-874-7256 to schedule your test.

All test takers and test proctors must comply with the state and testing center COVID-19 guidelines. The test center’s policies will be communicated to all test takers before the test date. Failure to comply will result in refusal into the test event without refund or rescheduling. 

*We are hosting a JP Test Exam in conjunction with our ITW on August 22 in Denver, CO; contact Kyle Pollander for more details 


August 2022
Tuesday, 8/8
*Monday 8/22
Thursday, 8/25
September 2022
Tuesday, 9/13
Thursday, 9/29
 October 2022
Tuesday, 10/11
Thursday, 10/27
November 2022
Tuesday, 11/8
Thursday, 11/17
December 2022
Tuesday, 12/6
Thursday, 12/15
January 2023
Tuesday, 1/10
Thursday, 1/26
February 2023
Tuesday, 2/7
Thursday, 2/23
March 2023
Tuesday, 3/7
Thursday, 3/28
April 2023
Tuesday, 4/11
Thursday, 4/27
May 2023
Tuesday, 5/9
Thursday, 5/25
June 2023
Tuesday, 6/6
Thursday, 6/22
July 2023
Tuesday, 7/11
Thursday, 7/27














If you don't see a date or location that fits your needs, contact kpollander@ifps.org