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Search for a TEST CENTER NEAR YOU (scroll down). If you know of a test center that is open but not listed, please contact Kyle Pollander at kpollander@ifps.org. We will make every effort to schedule your test at that location. Since state-to-state COVID-19 guidelines vary, if a test location near you is currently open, please contact us at 856-424-8998 ext. 110 to schedule your test. All test takers and test proctors must comply with the state and testing center COVID-19 guidelines. (The test center’s policies will be communicated to all test takers before the test date. Failure to comply will result in refusal into the test event without refund or rescheduling). 

June 2021
Tuesday, 6/1
Thursday, 6/24
July 2021
Tuesday, 7/13
Thursday, 7/29
August 2021
Tuesday, 8/3
Thursday, 8/26
September 2021
Tuesday, 9/14
Thursday, 9/30
October 2021
Tuesday, 10/5
Thursday, 10/28
November 2021
Tuesday, November 2
Thursday, November 18
December 2021
Tuesday, December 7
Thursday, December 16










If you don't see a date or location that fits your needs, contact kpollander@ifps.org 

 JOB PERFORMANCE TESTS - The following dates are available for Job Performance tests:

5/20/2021 Fairfield, OH 45014 CC
4/16/2021 Fairfield, OH 45014 Mech/Tech
6/17/2021 Fairfield, OH 45014 Mech/Tech
9/2/2021 Fairfield, OH 45014 Mech/Tech
11/18/2021 Fairfield, OH 45014 CC