Job Performance Stations Connector & Conductor (C&C)

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Station # 1 Fasteners:      
There are 15 fasteners used at this station. Fasteners selected are typical of those used in the industrial and mobile marketplace. Fasteners are in a compartmented box with suitable tags. These tags are numbered to correspond with the test item number. Other items provided are a dial caliper, scale, identification tables, and thread gauge. All charts, tables, and station identifications are plastic laminated.

Station # 2 Fittings:
This test contains 15 fittings typical of those used in the fluid power industry. Fittings are in a compartmented box with suitable tags that correspond to test item numbers. Other items provided are Scale, Metric, and SAE thread guides. Thread gage. All charts, tables, and station identifications are plastic laminated.

For a detailed video on how to identify fasteners and fittings, go to: This video is for MEMBERS only; make sure you are logged in. 

Station # 3 Measurements:
Test station has five (5) hose assemblies. Each has two (2) or four (4) questions to be answered, with the exception of number one (1), which has five. There are several coupling dimension charts that are provided to aid in answering the questions. Furnished with this station: scale, charts, dial caliper, and a protractor.

Station # 4 Hose and Tube Identification:
There are eight (8) hoses and two (2) tubes to identify. These items are tagged and in a compartmented box. This station includes: dial caliper, hose identification charts, hose pressure charts, tubing pressure charts, and station identification chart. All plastic laminated.

Station # 5 Diagnostics:
This station is for inspection and diagnostics of two (2) hose samples, six (6) hose assemblies, two (2) tube assemblies, and six (6) graphic hose assembly installations. All hose and tubing assemblies are in a compartmented box and labeled to correspond with test questions.

Station # 6 Tube Bend and Flare:
Bend and flare a tube assembly to fit a fixture. This tests the skills of measuring, cutting, flaring, and assembly for compound bending to fit a fixture. All tubing, tools, and data sheets are provided.