Online Safety Training-High Risk Level (access code will be e-mailed)

The course provides an awareness of hydraulic hazards in the workplace, in-depth reviews of potential exposures to injury from hydraulic systems, and ways to reduce risk and eliminate hazards for workers, equipment, companies, and the environment. You will be e-mailed login instructions (may take up to 24+ hours) after purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: Once purchased, you will be e-mailed an activation code and instructions. This may take up to 24 hours.

Maintenance and repair of equipment which utilizes hydraulics systems is extremely hazardous. Maintenance personnel are engaged in procedures that expose them to a high level of risk of injury or death from hydraulic system hazards. Many incidents are a result of people working with hydraulic systems without understanding the related hazards. This online Hydraulic Safety: High-Risk Maintenance Level course takes a comprehensive look at the recognition and management of hydraulic hazards with an emphasis placed on the implementation of structured procedures and energy mitigation