Web seminar Topic Suggestions

The IFPS is open to hosting your fluid power technical presentations (no sales-related presentations, please!) If you wish to conduct a Web seminar, contact Victoria Piro with your presentation title, description, and PowerPoint presentation. The following list is simply suggestions for 45-minute Web seminars based on feedback from a survey.

  1. Any control technique, CAN, CAN Open, J1939, etc.
  2. Circuit design
  3. Closed reservoir, open reservoir
  4. Cylindrical reservoirs
  5. Electronic load sensing basics
  6. Fieldbus protocols and how to program them
  7. Filter sizing; pressure vs. return flow filters
  8. Fluid power basics
  9. Gear pump design for noise reduction
  10. Heat exchanger sizing; air vs. water
  11. How to identify and when to use the different types of hydraulic fittings.
  12. How to size hydraulic oil heat exchangers for typical systems that don’t run full time and that have erratic heat creation.
  13. How to size hydraulic oil heat exchangers using NEMA TEFC motor blower fan as the forced air going over the heat exchanger.
  14. Motion control (position control of cylinders, synchronization, position sensors, motion controllers, etc.)
  15. Pneumatics
  16. Predictive maintenance of hydraulic systems, system integrations, cleanliness trends, future of controllers and wireless connections
  17. Pumps condition monitoring
  18. Rapid traverse feed circuits - Regenerative + Conventional
  19. What to look for in selecting hydraulic components for water hydraulic systems (100% water used as hydraulic fluid.)
  20. Vacuums