2023 Annual Meeting Recap!

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

The International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) held its highly anticipated 2023 Annual Meeting, bringing together industry leaders and experts to discuss and approve key motions to shape the future of fluid power.

Education Committee: IFPS aims to bridge the gap between industry professionals (IFPS Board Members, committee members, and AI's) and educational institutions. Following the imminent release of the upgraded website, the Education Committee is set to revitalize the member-only forum to ensure a vibrant and interactive community. This includes active moderation, potentially by technical staff or dedicated volunteer committee members, making the forum easily discoverable through web searches, and implementing robust topic search functionalities.

Using a strategic approach to enhance educational content, the Education Committee is set to work with the marketing committee to leverage analytics from LinkedIn, YouTube, and the website to identify correlations. This data-driven strategy will play a pivotal role in determining future projects.

Membership Committee: The committee is set to work with the Education Committee to breathe new life into the forum in alignment with specifications determined during the Education Committee meeting. This effort aims to create a dynamic online fluid power community with a targeted goal of achievement before the spring meeting. With the impending release of the upgraded website, the committee plans to introduce auto-renewing memberships.

The committee is actively exploring opportunities for member engagement at trade shows. Investigating events at trade shows provides a platform for members to connect, share insights, and stay updated on industry trends. The committee is considering possibly introducing a subscription model alongside traditional memberships.

Recognizing the growing popularity of podcasts, the Membership Committee is exploring the launch of a podcast. This medium will serve as an additional avenue for disseminating industry insights and updates and engaging content to members. The committee will schedule a debrief call to reflect on and discuss the Hall of Fame proceedings.

Certification Committee: The certification committee is actively refining existing certifications, primarily focusing on revamping the Electronic Controls Certification, creating a thoroughly revamped Hydraulic Technician Certification, and crafting an associate certification tailored for non-technical fluid power professionals.  The committee reported that the Connector & Conductor upgraded certification program was released in early 2023.

Marketing and PR Committee: The committee is committed to refining the 2024 marketing plan, with special emphasis on bolstering digital marketing initiatives. This proactive approach ensures that IFPS stays at the forefront of industry visibility and engagement. Recognizing the importance of privacy and transparency, the committee will be introducing a consent box to meeting registrations. This addition ensures that participants can explicitly express their preferences and permissions regarding marketing communications. In a move to enhance user understanding, the committee is working to simplify and provide concise definitions for website analytics terminology. This initiative aims to demystify the analytical landscape, making it more accessible and comprehensible for users.

To provide users with an engaging and informative experience, the committee will develop a series of website "Tour" videos. These videos will serve as a comprehensive guide, showcasing the upgraded website's features and functionalities. Using a strategic approach to enhance user engagement, the Education Committee is set to leverage analytics from LinkedIn, YouTube, and the website to identify correlations.

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