AI Workshop Requirements

Becoming an IFPS Accredited Instructor (AI):


  • Individual must hold at least one IFPS certification before attending the Instructor Training Workshop (ITW.)
  • Maintain IFPS membership and certification(s).
  • Register for and attend an Instructor Training Workshop (ITW.) Do not to make travel arrangements at registration time. The workshop schedule is fluid; once we have a firm head-count and presentation timings, You will be notified to make your travel arrangements.
  • Select a topic from the topics list and prepare to present the selected topic for 40-minutes, with a 5 minute Q&A session.*
  • An AI applicant must sign an AI agreement upon completion of the ITW. 

Additional Information

The AI workshop is a one or two-day workshop to acquaint you with the IFPS certification program and to assess your instructional abilities. It is not a program to teach instructor skills, but rather, to assess your instructor skills.
What will be covered during the Workshop:
  • Deep dive into IFPS programs will be covered in a ½ day session.
  • The applicant will conduct a 40-minute presentation with a five minute Q&A session. Note: Speaking for less than 40 minutes will result in an incomplete assesment.

At least 14 days prior to the Workshop - Submit a presentation outline on the selected topic. The outline should be submitted by e-mail as a .DOC, .PPT, etc. In lieu of an outline, full presentations may be e-mailed.

Assessments: You’ll be assessed by three CFPAIs and workshop peers. The assessment is based on a numbered scale; you must score 3.0 out of 5.0 to be approved as an IFPS Accredited Instructor. CFPAI assessments count as 75% of your score and workshop peers as 25%. You are expected to assess your peers' presentations in addition to being assessed by them. 
Assessments are based on:
  • Knowledge of topic,
  • Public speaking aptitude,
  • Appropriate use of training materials and aids,
  • Ability to follow submitted outline, and
  • Question and answer session.
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Flow Control Valves
Fluid Power Conductors
Fluid Power Fittings and Connectors
Logic Cartridge Valves
Power Steering
Pressure Control Valves
Proportional Valves
Pump Controls
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Servo Valves
Symbols and Circuits
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