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Hydraulic 101/Beginners Study Guide

3 years ago
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Good afternoon,

I am working on preparing for my HS certification and I am struggling grasping the basic information to get me going. The study guides i am using are still too technical for me to fully grasp, so I wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations on a more beginners guide to where I can work my way up to more advanced guides. Also, I thought about purchasing one of the online training courses but I wasn't for sure if that would be a good beginners course.  I am using the following books:

- Hydraulic Specialist Certification Study Manual
- Introduction to Hydraulics for Industry Professionals
- Fluid Power Reference Handbook

Are there any "beginner", hydraulics 101 you anybody could recommend?

Thank you!
3 years ago
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Good day,
I commend you realizing your are out of your comfort zone in preparing for your certification test. This test is comprehensive and we want you to succeed.

The IFPS has a number of third-party training options -  and affordable basic online training courses -

I also recommend your read a recent Notable Words column from the Fluid Power Journal. This may give you further advice.
3 years ago
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Thank you for your interest in professionalism.
It sounds like you may be aiming a little too high.  If you can wait a couple of months, the new Mobile Hydraulic Maintenance Certification manual will be available.  This covers, on a much more basic level, the foundational information on hydraulics.  The current MHM manual is being completely revised.  It may be helpful but the new manual will be the most useful.
3 years ago
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Thank you, I will definitely add that to my resources when its available. I bought the "Eaton Mobile Hydraulic Handbook" because this was recommended as a very basic study guide that will point me in the right direction. I'm hoping to read that to get a better, basic understanding, and then start "Into to Hydraulics for Industry Professionals" over with the hopes I will have enough understanding to comprehend that information better.  Finally, I will tackle the study guide and take the test, hopefully.

I can definitely wait a few months if that's what it takes, I don't want to rush this. Unfortunately, I don't have access to in person study guides or engineers from my company to help me.
1 year ago
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The HS cert can be a beast. How did it work out for you did you pass and get your cert?