Deep Dive into Cartridge / Logic Valves and Pilot Operated Check Valves.

Ernie Parker, CFPAI, will take a deep dive into some of the most popular components in a fluid power system. He will cover pilot-operated check valves outlining
proper applications, sizing the correct ratio for different applications, designing circuits with pilot-operated check valves, and why orifices are often needed.

In addition, he’ll cover counterbalance valves detailing proper applications, adjusting counterbalance valves as compared to other pressure control valves, sizing
the correct ratios for different applications, determining when one should use internal pilot, external pilots, or both, designing various circuits where counterbalance
valves are needed and using counterbalance valves versus a flow control to increase efficiency when variable speeds are needed and safety concerns of over pressurization.

This workshop will also cover designing efficient, cost-effective circuits using standard-type components that will have a relativity short payback, covering: how
to properly apply flow dividers, when to use a proportionator (rotary type) or a spool type flow control, examples of efficient circuits, designing a mobile system
using dual reservoirs for contamination reasons and to reduce maintenance, applying a cylindrical reservoir with proper filtration and cooling and new best practice
inlet plumbing, correcting mistakes that have been made for years.