Fluid Power Fundamentals - Presented by Waukesha County Technical College

**LIMITED TO 30 PARTICIPANTS** Registration closes January 10, 2023. - 1.6 CEU's (8) Two-hour virtual training sessions on Fluid Power Fundamentals. Utilizing the workbook “Hydraulics Technology” as a reference a live streaming demonstration will provide the attendees a basic understanding of the principles, products, and operation of fluid power components of a complete hydraulic system.
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Fluid Power Fundamentals - Presented by Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) (LIMITED to 30 participants) The sessions will be taught by Wayne Buroker who is a WCTC Instructor.

Who should attend:
Anyone who would like an introduction to fluid power and the components that make up a system (i.e. Customer service representatives, engineers, maintenance technicians, and interested associates.) 

Where will the virtual classes be held: Classes will be held online with labs and streamed demonstrations. 

When will classes be held: The classes are two-hour sessions being held on Thursdays from 2:30-4:30 pm (EDT) Beginning January 26, 2023, and ending March 16, 2023. 

What does the training & workbook cost: No Refunds.
     • IFPS Members: $299
     • Non-IFPS Members: $399

Not a member? Join now ($75)

What is required: A copy of the Hydraulic Technology workbook (which will be provided and used as a reference), an internet connection, zoom, pencil(s) and paper for taking notes, and a simple math calculator (i.e. TI-30). 

Attendees will receive:

  • Hydraulic Technology Workbook
  • 1.6 CEU's
  • Certificate of Completion from Waukesha County Technical College

Week 1 - Introduction to Fluid Power
Week 2 - Hydraulic Fluids
Week 3 - Fluid Conductors & Seals
Week 4 - Hydraulic Actuators
Week 5 - Directional Control Valves
Week 6 - Pressure Control Valves
Week 7 - Hyd. Pumps and Motors
Week 8 - Reservoirs and Review