Steps to Get Certified

Step 1: Select Your Certification.

Step 2: Submit Your Application. 

Step 3: Be Prepared - STUDY, study, study

  • Study Manuals – IFPS study manuals are available in print, PDF, flash drives, and interactive online.
  • Online Interactive Study Manuals for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Specialist Certifications. Once purchased, you'll have access to our learning management system for one-year.
  • Online Pretests, as well as pretests in the back of the study manual, are highly recommended before you take your certification test. 
  • Certification Review Classroom Training – IFPS offers a 4-day, in-person training with one of our certified training instructors. This training is generally for groups of 5 or more.
  • Animated Circuits – The schematics in our study manuals are available in animation and are great for a better understanding of how hydraulic and pneumatic circuits operate. The circuits are color-coded and are available as .mpf and .wmv files
  • Webinars & Study Groups- Our webinars and study groups, presented by our accredited instructors, are a free resource we offer to our members. Members also have access to a library of previously recorded webinars. Consider an IFPS Membership

Step 4: Take your test at your scheduled location. 

Step 5: Recertify in five years.