IFPS Retires Traditional Chapters

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

During IFPS' most recent Board of Directors meeting, the Board decided to retire all IFPS chapters. In 1960, IFPS had over 50 active chapters, and today, there are three that can only be described as "semi-active." This decision was made with great consideration and in the hopes of modernizing the way IFPS members can communicate and network. Although none have been confirmed, there are plans in the works to accomplish this modernization, including reaching out to the membership for their input.

Garrett Hoisington, IFPS Vice President of Membership, stated, "It's not that the IFPS wants to discontinue supporting communication between our members; it's that the traditional chapter model was no longer effective." Quoting Donna Pollander, IFPS' CEO, "I'm very excited about the possibility of a new and modern membership communication program"!

IFPS is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) professional organization of individuals dedicated to enhancing the quality of certifications, educational opportunities, technology evolution, and professionalism within the fluid power industry. IFPS was founded in Detroit in 1960 by a group of 30 professionals interested in supporting the future of the fluid power industry and the ever-changing technologies involved. Beginning with the first Fluid Power Hydraulic Specialist Certification in 1980, IFPS has become the recognized industry leader in fluid power and motion control certifications. Fifteen different certifications are currently offered, and two are in development. The certifications cover diverse job descriptions, including mechanic, technician, specialist, system designer, and engineer. To date, IFPS has issued over 34,000 certifications.