Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovators: IFPS sponsored five FIRST Robotics Teams!

Thursday, April 6, 2023

A group of dedicated IFPS members from central Florida facilitated another successful year of mentoring First Robotics Teams! IFPS sponsored five (5) teams and awarded each with a $1,000.00 grant to help support their efforts.

In addition to the FIRST robotics competition, our members devised an additional competition. Each of the five teams competed in a three-step process. The first stage involved submitting a short essay covering the concept of fluid power and brainstorming how it can be used in the current year's game. In stage 2, the teams were required to submit a short video showing prototypes that use fluid power. In the final stage, the teams had a scheduled meeting to use as practice talking to judges about their robot and design decisions. They were then judged on their responses, and each team was presented with a $1,000 check at their kick-off game.

Additionally, Fluid Power training was provided to approximately 35 young adults, outlining the workings of a pneumatic system and its components. The participants then assembled parts and components into a catapult. Each team's system was then tested for safety, and they were asked to activate the system and compete in throwing a ball as far as possible. The team with the longest throw won bragging rights.

The young adults had an opportunity to learn about PSI and flow controls, which are crucial to the operation of cylinders in their systems. The group was proud to have another successful year with the local First Robotics teams. They hope to continue providing support and training to these young adults in the years to come!