Which certification test should I take?

If you are not sure which test to take, you can complete the Certification Placement Indicator. This questionnaire will help you assess your job responsibilities and choose the most applicable IFPS certification.

What should I expect from a certification test?
  • All tests have a three (3)-hour time limit. The test candidate must correctly answer 70% of the test questions.
  • All Specialist tests consist of 50 questions; the minimum passing score is 70%.
  • All Mechanic and Technician tests (including C&C) consist of a written test with 75 questions AND require a job performance test ("hands-on.") All written Mechanic and Technician tests have a minimum passing score of 70%; all job performance tests have a minimum passing raw score of 70%.

What is the Job Performance Test?
The job performance test is a “hands-on” test that consists of six (6) different stations. Typical tasks include the identification of fittings, fasteners, and fluid power symbols. The test candidate must earn a 70% with minimum score requirements at each station.

Do I have to be a member of IFPS to become certified?
Membership is not mandatory; however, it is highly recommended. There are many membership benefits, including discounts on certification tests and recertification fees.

What are the fees for certification?
Please refer to our certification fee policies for detailed information.

How do I register to take the test?
Registration must be received at IFPS Headquarters at least 30 days prior to your requested test date. Once your application is processed, you will receive an electronic copy of the Study Manual by e-mail. You may purchase a print copy. To register: Log in (or create an account) click on the certification you wish to take, and submit the test application. 

What if I would like to hold a certification test at my company location?
If you have a group of employees who are interested in taking a certification test, you may schedule an in-house test session at your location. Additional fees may apply for groups of less than 10. Contact the IFPS Certification Manager for more information.

Can I cancel my test date?
All IFPS fees must be prepaid and are nonrefundable. You can, however, reschedule your test for an additional fee as long as you complete a reschedule form and submit it with your payment no later than two (2) weeks prior to the original test date. Exceptions may be considered for medical emergencies.

What should I bring to the test?

You MUST bring ID and two #2 pencils.

The following materials ARE allowed:

  • Hard or softbound copyrighted fluid power reference books
  • Written notes either in the margins or on designated “notes” pages
  • An approved calculator.
The following materials are NOT allowed:
  • Loose sheets of paper, laminated cards, spiral notebooks, or three-ring binders of notes
  • The study manual, answer manual, or pretests issued by the International Fluid Power Society

What type of calculator may I use?
You may use any of the approved calculators.

How will I receive my test results?

Online Test- you are notified immediately after completing the test whether you passed or failed.

Paper and Pencil Test - you will receive your test results approximately four weeks after the test date. The results are often available sooner and can be viewed in Your Account under Test History.

Once your test results are processed, you will be notified by an e-mail. The IFPS staff is unable to relay any information regarding test results over the telephone. If your company paid for your certification test or if you certified through a school, your pass/fail result may be communicated to your employer/teacher; however, your score/grade will only be released to you. You will also be mailed a core competency report, which gives a breakdown of your test results and includes both the raw score and the percentage of questions correct within each test domain. This report will not contain information on which question you answered correctly or incorrectly. Unless otherwise requested, all newly certified individuals will be listed in the IFPS Newsletter and the Fluid Power Journal.

When can I retake the test?
 You may schedule a retake test once you have been notified of your test results. Normal application deadlines will apply. Please refer to our certification fee policies for details on retake fees.

Infraction Policy
All Test Candidates will be required to sign an Infraction Policy before beginning a test.

How long is my certification valid?
All certifications are valid for 5 years. Membership can be renewed annually.

How will I know I need to recertify?
IFPS sends recertification reminders in the form of e-mails, letters, and postcards; however, it is your responsibility to submit the required paperwork by the deadline. Please be sure to update your contact information by updating Your Account on our Website.

How do I recertify?
You must complete a recertification application and submit it with payment prior to your certification expiration date. In order to qualify for recertification, you must remain involved in the fluid power industry and receive ongoing formal or informal education/training to achieve competency in new developments, techniques, procedures, and practices. If you do not meet the recertification requirements or you have let your certification lapse for more than one (1) year, you will be required to take and pass the appropriate certification test in order to reinstate your certification. If you are unsure if you qualify for recertification, please call 800-308-6005.

Do I have to maintain my membership to retain my certification?
IFPS membership is not required to maintain your certification; however, you gain required recertification points by keeping your membership current, as well as receiving the member discount rate at the time of your recertification.